Big business? Small tech start-up? Local Office wants you to work under one roof!

Gone are the days of sky scraping office buildings being overrun by oil and gas conglomerates. Ok, maybe they’re not gone, per say, but companies are definitely looking for ways to keep employees engaged and happy while keeping costs down.

Employee perks have evolved so much over the years that flexibility is inching it’s way to being a top request from job seekers. More work-from-home days, summer hours, and the ability to work remote have all become a must for… MILLENIALS! We know… That word makes you cringe.  Like it or not,  coworking and private office space that works on a membership program has grown significantly over the years because of the cultural shift in the workplace spearheaded by this new generation.

As an employee this is really the sweetest deal you can ask for. Sure, your boss isn’t letting you work from home BUT they are basically handing you a cool space full of energized professionals with a café and free coffee smack dab in the middle. PLUS, you don’t have to worry about your boss catching you in the midst of that mid day nap we talked about in our last post (you should go read that next). No judgement here… We’re the ones who ordered the comfy furniture after all.

What we’re trying to say is, coworking and private office memberships are not just beneficial for the small business or solo entrepreneurs… Large companies are not only getting memberships for employees, but customizing spaces for themselves.

Happy employees are more productive employees… And there’s nothing happy about a stale office space.